Three Christmas Songs to Play on the Stick Dulcimer

Now that we are post-Turkey day, it’s without a doubt Christmas music season! Now, we can save the debate of when you should start listening to Christmas songs for another time, but clearly, it's after Thanksgiving c’mon! Either way, I’m sure you are eager to play some Christmas tunes on your seagull merlin so I wanted to share some holiday songs that you can learn to celebrate the season. These three songs would be perfect to play fireside or while caroling around your neighborhood with friends and family. Whatever you do, have a holly jolly time learning these!

Christmas Songs to Play on Your Stick Dulcimer

1. Jingle Bells (Easy)

First up is the fairly easy Christmas classic Jingle Bells. Before you go dashing through the song, first check out the Jingle Bells lesson video. This one only has three chords, so you should be able to pick it up pretty fast, especially with the 1-Finger method. Then when you’re ready to ride, join in with the Jingle Bells Playalong video. Oh, what fun. 


2. Hark the Herald (Easy to Intermediate)

For a more sacred song of Christmas, check out this Hark the Herald tutorial video. In the video, you’ll learn not one, not two, but three ways to play this hymn. The first way is super easy! Just play open no chords OR use the 2-Finger Claw Picking. You can make it a little more complex by using a straight strum with multi-finger strumming. Then to really give it some style, you can add a more rhythmic strum. 

Watch the Hark the Herald cover song video for an idea of how to arrange and put it all together, but what’s great is you can totally make it your own.

3. O Holy Night (More Difficult)

This one can be a toughy because generally many Christmas songs are often more difficult than most pop tunes. But this is one of the most beautiful sacred songs of the season so it’s worth the challenge. As a special treat, the "O Holy Night" Dulcimer Chord Guide is on sale now so check it out. This particular guide comes with the lyrics and chords written together, so having a sing-and-play-along is even easier!

One way to up the ante on playing this one would be to incorporate the 3-Finger Triplet picking technique!


And speaking of Christmas, a new dulcimer guitar would make a great gift! Add the Seagull Merlin M4, Mahogany Top to your Christmas wish list OR if you’ve been extra nice check out the package deal!

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