Jam out with Jingle Bells

There's no place like home for the holidays... especially in 2020. If you've found yourself hanging around the house with a little extra time on your hands, try this beginner-friendly tune. Yep, it's the Christmas classic: "Jingle Bells." We did the traditional version, but you can sing about Batman, if you want. Or write your own lyrics about 2020. We're all trying to cope somehow, right?

This is played on a Seagull Merlin M4. I've got a tutorial for you below to play "Jingle Bells" melody. Or if you're just intending to have fun and sing along (not play the melody) it's just D, G, and A chords, played any which way you like.

Grab your spouse, roommate, or your kids to add some percussion, or pair your stick dulcimer with an accompanying guitar or banjo. Sing along, too. Just have fun!

Seagull Merlin Jingle Bells Lesson:


Jingle Bells Play Along Video:


If you don't have a Merlin M4 yet, you can shop our selection here. These make great Christmas gifts - for a loved one or for yourself. (Wink, wink.) 

Happy holidays, stick dulcimer fans!

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