"Eli, the Barrow Boy" Dulcimer TAB Chord Guide

"Eli, the Barrow Boy" Dulcimer TAB Chord Guide

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This song is off of the Decemberist's 2005 album Picaresque, and it's a quintessential four-chord sad story song that is fairly easy when played with 1-Finger, or a bit more of a challenge when using the Multi-Finger style. 

Dulcimer Guitar Chords

And if you're interested in learning a LOT more about dulcimer guitar chords, please check out the Complete Chord Guide. It offers options on different chord types, versions you could use instead of the ones I suggest, as well as the why's and how's of playing (technique). I think you'll like it.

This version is for D-Tuned stick dulcimer guitars. If you'd like to play it in another key, check out the Free Dulcimer Key Change Guide.

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In the video, you’ll learn what all of the chords look and sound like, as well as why they are what they are since there are several substitutions here.