Strumstick Tuning

Strumstick Tuning: How to Tune a G-Tuned Pickin' Stick (aka Strumstick)

Before you ask, YES! a Strumstick and a pickin' stick are the same thing!  This video works for your Strumstick just the same as it does for a pickin' stick.  The only difference in the instruments are the brand names.  It's like Xerox and "copier."  One is the brand term, one is not. 

If you have a D-tuned Strumstick all of these principles will work the same for your instrument as well!

By the way, we have a great Beginner's Guide to Dulcimer Guitar Chords available now!  (And on sale)  It's currently written for D-tuned instruments, but all the shapes apply for a G-tuned one.  However I'll be making a specifically G-tuned version soon.  If you're interested in that version, please email me to let me know so I'll work on it faster ;-)

Are you feeling pretty advanced now?  Looking to upgrade and expand your playing more?  Well, we also have a dulcimer guitar transposition guide you can download free to help you work out how to play even more songs.

And don't forget to check out our collection of Strumstick rock songs, too!