Strumstick Rock Songs | Stick Dulcimers

Think you can't play a rockin' rock song on your Strumstick Stick Dulcimer? Think again. Since the Strumstick is such a simple and versatile instrument, you can add it in to any kind of music. The Strumstick and any Stick Dulcimer can play both the rhythm or the melody of the song, making it easy to add in to any song. 

Check out our videos below to see the Strumstick and other Stick Dulcimers in action playing some of your favorite rock songs. Interested in learning how to play? Check out our YouTube Channel and subscribe!

All Seagull Merlin music is transferrable to the Strumstick, so there are no limits to the songs you can play. Want to play it in a different key? Check out our FREE key change guide!