Seagull Merlin M4 Overview

As of this writing, the Seagull guitar company (a part of the Godin Guitars family) in Canada is the only mass produced stick dulcimer in the world (that we're aware of, I suppose). These instruments are fabulous! They're stick dulcimers, which are fully rooted in the history on the mountain dulcimers of Appalachian, which are fretted in one key (usually "D").

Seagull Merlin M4: Options

They come in two wood tops, mahogany and spruce, as well as two tunings (D and G), but the rest of the construction is the same. That is, unless you're getting into the Seagull Merlin EQ models which are another level up since they feature onboard tuners, volume, and tone controls for the pickup. They're pretty neat. is a top Seagull Merlin dealer, and one of the best places to find info on how to play, tune, string, or just generally understand them. For example, here's a brief walk-thru of how the Seagull Merlin is constructed, it's components, etc. (You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel)

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