Seagull Merlin G String Gauges

If you own a Seagull Merlin G instrument, which has numbers on the frets and three thick, wound strings, then you're probably aware finding replacement strings is hard.

Your options are limited because only one store (ahem, us) sells the complete set!

So if you're looking to DIY replacing your strings you'll need to source them from individual string purchases, or by buying ~2 acoustic guitar string sets and mix-n-matching the right kinds.

They're also expensive. Or at least more so than their D model counterparts. The issue is that a G model, as opposed to a D model, has three wound strings, which means it has 3x+ the amount of wire required to produce strings. The thickness of the strings is referred to as "gauge."

Seagull Merlin G String Gauges

It takes some work to find the proper gauges, and we had to consult the distributor to find them out. So, if you want to DIY the purchasing, here's what you'll need.

  • .010
  • .023w
  • .033w
  • .047w

Admittedly those are kind of odd gauges, but did you know we have Seagull Merlin G Strings for purchase?

We're the only store in the world (and we did check everywhere) to sell a complete set of strings designed specifically for the Seagull Merlin Mahogany G model dulcimer guitar