Model 1 Image Gallery


A Little Peek at the Model 1

 Special thanks go to Gabe Ford at Ford Photography, and Dewey Boyd at 4115 (recording studio) for granting me their time and spaces to make some truly stunning images, that tell the story better way better than I could have with an iPhone.


new model 1 river guitar dulcimers

Also, a hearty thanks to Matt and Michaela Scibilia for lending us a few hours. Aren't they lovely people?  I have wonderful friends.

Here we have the Model 1 up against one of my inspirations, the Gibson Les Paul. My other main body design considerations were derived from the late 1800's parlor style instruments.

BTW, as far as friends go, same goes for Brad Sample, a local studio and session player, as well as highly talented artist.  I met him years ago in passing, and recently reconnected when working with Gruhn Guitars, and he's possibly one of the most kind and happy people I've ever met.  When shooting these pictures he looked at me and said, "These are wonderful, they sound amazing.  If I had one now I'd take it to the recording session I'm leaving for next."  That's some high praise coming from an A List Nashville musician!

While you're here, have a listen to Brad's music. "Getaway Driver" is a favorite of mine!

It's sexy looking, right?  ;-)

Sounds even better, of this I am both biased and convinced.

And finally, for the friends, my good friend Michele Raybourn, who I met a few years ago. She's an alumni of my alma mater, Belmont University's School of Music.  We're both demented enough that a music degree seemed like a good idea.  I now work in marketing (yay college debt), but Michele is such a talented songwriter and artist, I suspect she'll be making music you'll be listening to for years to come.  Thank you for indulging my weird hobby-turned-business, Michele!

Doesn't it just look so regal?  Gabe Ford is a master photographer, y'all.


And here's a little backstory...

...for those interested in such things.


The Earliest Days

It all starts with a sketch (Jan/Feb '21)

The First Physical Rendering (Mar/April '21)

Things Are Starting To Happen!  (April-July '21)

 A Sneak Peek Into The Design

Fast forward a bit... and here we are in 2023... next stop, PreOrder in early 2024!

Mahogany is a bit of a trickier wood to work with than I'd expected, but that logo inlay sure looks good when it's finished!

Where did I leave my clamps?

And finally, I gave up on some of the most difficult bits, and handed them to Nick at Bonaventure Guitars, and he really did a fine (high expert) job finishing them up.