Seagull Merlin, Spruce Top M4
Seagull Merlin, Spruce Top M4

Seagull Merlin, Spruce Top M4

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NOTE: this is an instrument-only listing. The PACKAGE deal is here.

The Merlin M4 Series stick dulcimers are great instruments for beginners and accomplished travelers alike!  The Merlin's wider neck and shorter body length make it a great learning tool for younger hands, while their sturdy construction makes them perfect for the traveling musician in you. (You might want a case, though!)

Every Merlin comes with a quick-start guidebook too.

It ships tuned to D (DADD), but could easily be tuned up or down by a whole step if needed. 

The Merlin line typically projects more natural sound volume than many stick dulcimers, due to its larger body construction (soundhole / sound cavity), and 4th string. And where the traditional pickin' stick style often sounds more like a banjo or mandolin, the Merlin is more similar to a guitar.

All Merlins are crafted with Canadian maple neck-thru-body construction, and they come in both spruce and mahogany tops. 

Spruce vs Mahogany Top Merlin - How Do They Sound?