Seagull Merlin Strings for M4

Seagull Merlin Strings for M4

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One set of high definition steel and phosphor bronze strings specifically designed for the Merlin by Godin (Seagull's parent company). Made in the USA.

Each string comes individually wrapped in a separate paper envelope to keep them separate and make it easier to identify which strings go where.

When replacing strings, be sure to replace one or two at a time, and avoid taking all of the strings off at once. Be sure to change your strings regularly to keep the instrument sounding bright and clear.

Seagull Merlin dulcimer strings sizes:

  • .012 (2x)
  • .016
  • .025

These are ball-end strings (like guitar strings).  Standard Merlin tuning is DADD.

This set of strings is for the DAD model, not the G model. These strings will not work on the G model Seagull Merlin. Please contact us if you have questions about this. We do have Seagull Merlin G Strings, though!

NOTE: These are not the same type of strings that a pickin' stick or Strumstick variety stick dulcimer uses.  Be sure you're purchasing the right item!