U2's "With or Without You" on Dulcimer Guitar w/ Hitoshi Yamaguchi

I hope you enjoy this cover of U2's With or Without you on dulcimer guitar, recorded with Hitoshi Yamaguchi.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hitoshi elected to record this in F#, not G (down one 1/2 step). We included the chord numbers for reference if you want to play in another key. Have a look at our Free Transposition Download on the site to help.

"With or Without You" off of U2's 1987 'Joshua Tree' record. A true classic. You'll notice that, as with Hitoshi's take on "Please Forgive Me"  there's a lot of reliance on the barre chord shape. You don't have to use that chord type, but it's how he chose to "voice" the chord.


Special thanks go to Hitoshi for the song, Gabe Ford with Music City Content Kings  for the video work, and Forty-One Fifteen for letting us hang and shoot some videos!


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