"Take It Easy" w/ Jesse Isley on Strumstick G Dulcimer Guitar

"Take It Easy" originally written and by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey, but made most popular by The Eagles' 1972 recording.

It's the first song I learned on guitar, and it's a crowd favorite to have in the back pocket for campfire singalongs.

Jesse Isley is a Nashville session guitarist and selected this song, as well as this Strumstick G model.

If you'd like to learn "Take It Easy," here is a chord guide for sale on our site.

I'm grateful to have been invited back to Forty-One Fifteen, one of East Nashville's recording studios, to shoot some videos. Check out their space.

And check out Jesse's work at Jesse Isley

 If you are wanting to learn how to play the strumstick click this link to have access to our dulcimer guitar cheat sheet in G

There are a few other videos already posted for chord theory and basic chords, or if you have a Grand Strumstick tuned to DAD. You can check them out below:

About Chords Pt. 1 

About Chords Pt. 2 

Strumstick in D Chords 

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