Strumstick Chords (in *G*) - How to Play a Strumstick |

Got a Strumstick in GDG tuning? Could be a G-29 or G-31 Strumstick. Let's walk through how to approach some of the most used chords. This is by no means an exhaustive look at chords, but ample to get you through 80% of music and 100% FUN!


Click this link to have access to our dulcimer guitar cheat sheet in G


There are a few other videos already posted for chord theory and basic chords, or if you have a Grand Strumstick tuned to DAD. You can check them out below:

About Chords Pt. 1 

About Chords Pt. 2 

Strumstick in D Chords 

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