Seagull Merlin D vs G M4 Models - Compare Seagull Merlin Dulcimers

Trying to figure out if a D-tuned or G-tuned Seagull Merlin is best for you?

I'll be honest, I didn't know how the Seagull G model even worked until I had one.

Watch how I compare the two versions.



Looking for a Seagull Merlin dulcimer guitar? We have plenty of options, including the D (standard) and G ("education") models, EQ model (pickup), gig bags, straps, strings, and tuners.

Check out our video lessons for Seagull Merlin chords to learn the basics and how to play! If you want to get more familiar with the Merlin itself, then watch our Anatomy of a Seagull Merlin video!

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I’ve had great feedback from my ‘Chord Cheat Sheet’. People seem to find it really useful, so I recommend making the most of that!



today I'm going to cover the difference
two different seagull merlin m4s. This one up here is the g-tune education model with the numbers on the fretboard and this one is the d-tune
this product comparison that we've got here because I have a lot of views and a lot of attention and questions about the difference between the two d models they have a spruce top and a mahogany top d model and that's what not many people know a lot about the g model here so I wanted to compare those two.
until I had one in my hands.
you can make a decision that fits your needs.
All right so this bottom one here is d this particular one is spruce top maple back and sides. All of them come with only seven frets two to one octave, seven frets are diatonic so there's no differences there.
that this one comes in a mahogany top only and there's numbers on the frets on up here that are intended for education purposes so that you can know where you are a little quicker and easier. And then it's tuned to g the g below the d model so this is the standard d that everyone generally plays and that's the g below it.




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