LEARN - R.E.M, "Losing My Religion" - Stick Dulcimer Guitar (Seagull Merlin EQ Dulcimer)

This classic song by R.E.M was first released in 1991.

Micheal Stipe said the song was about his romantic expression. The phrase "losing my religion" is an expression from the southern region that means "losing one's temper or civility".

It's always a crowd-pleaser and it's a great one to teach you on Seagull Merlin. This is song requires a different way of using the Chords and doesn't fall into the usual pattern (hint: 2m and 3m show up).

In these three minutes, I'll teach you the chord structure for the entire song.

OUTRO "Lick": At the very, very end of the song there's a little downward scale, and it's the following: [hi string] 2 1 0 [mid] 1 [hi] 1 0 [mid] 1 [hi] 0 [mid] 1 (F# E D B E D B D B ) I always love to share my tips and tricks with you all, so thank you for watching!

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