LEARN- Olivia Rodrigo, 'drivers license'. Stick Dulcimer Guitae (D Strumstick/Seagull Merlin)

This song has taken the charts by storm and was the first huge hit back in January 2021. When this song was first released it came with a lot of controversy and speculation so if you want to know more about that I recommend you dig a bit deeper.

In terms of the musical aspect of this song, it does do things a little bit differently from your ‘typical’ pop song. The last chord of the song instead of resolving, which is what we call landing back in the original keys the first chord which would be D, you end this song on the 5th Fret (Bm) adding that sad minor quality that the whole song is based on.



0:00 Intro

0:36 What to expect

0:59 FREE chord guide

1:20 Chord walkthrough

2:31 One finger version - Verse

3:13 One finger version- Chorus

4:07 One finger version - Bridge

5:53 Multi-finger version - Verse

7:18 Multi-finger version - Chorus

8:31 Multi-finger version - Bridge

9:53 FREE Downloadable Chord Guide

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