Learn "Jolene" on Seagull Merlin Dulcimer Guitar

You can't possibly love good music and not also love Dolly Parton's "Jolene." Rumor has it she wrote this and "I Will Always Love You" in the same week. Most people don't realize how amazing and prolific Dolly is, having written thousands of songs in her career. Three chords and you've just learned another song!

So here's one that's awesome, and can be played with 1-Finger or Multi-Finger.

We have a variety of lessons on the YouTube channel, and many of the stick dulcimer lessons are making their way over to the site. 

And lest we forget to mention it, you may need some fresh strings for your Seagull Merlin, and we have those. Shop our Seagull Merlin strings selection now. We're the only ones in the world carrying strings for your G model "education" version Merlin dulcimer guitars.

Got questions? Feel free to write for a little help, we'll do our best!  hey@heyinglewood.com


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