LEARN "Hark the Herald" on a Seagull Merlin (transfer to Strumstick!)

After I played "Hark the Herald" for a Zoom Christmas service last year (hello, 2020!), thought I'd share how you too can be a hero and entertain your family this Christmas!
This is on a Seagull Merlin M4 dulcimer guitar tuned to DAD but works completely on any other stick dulcimer.  
I laid it out with 3 different versions of how to play the song in the 3 verses:
1. completely open, no chords (2-finger claw picking)
2. straight strum w/ multi-finger chords
3. rhythmic strum w/ multi-finger chords" 

Check out the version I played at our zoom Christmas below:

Got questions? We're here to help.

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