Learn “Fix You" on River Dulcimer - Medium Difficulty

"Fix You" by Coldplay is a heartfelt song that resonates deeply with many listeners. Adding this beautiful piece to your repertoire is even more special when played on the River Dulcimer. While there are numerous video tutorials for this song, this is a unique opportunity to learn it on this distinctive instrument!

This rendition captures the emotional depth of the “Fix You” while showcasing the rich tones dulcimer's rich tones. There is also an easier version of this song here. Check out the tutorial video below:

For those interested in learning how to play "Fix You" on the River Dulcimer, we offer a detailed cheat sheet that covers the chords and techniques used in this version. We also have a variety of other videos available that cover chord theory, basic chords, and more tutorials. Explore them below:

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Happy playing!

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