LEARN - CCR, "Who'll Stop The Rain" - Stick Dulcimer Guitar (G Strumstick / Seagull Merlin)

This recording is in the key of G, so if you have G-tuned Strumstick, pickin' stick, or Seagull Merlin, you can play along without adjusting or tuning! Learn the shapes and style, practice up, then play along! You can even follow along with our free dulcimer tab chord guide!

This song was released in 1970, and when the writer John Fogerty was asked about what the lyrics meant, he was quoted in Rolling Stone as saying “Certainly, I was talking about Washington, when I wrote the song, but I remember bringing the master version of the song home and playing it. My son Josh was four years old at the time, and after he heard it, he said, ‘Daddy stop the rain.’ And my wife and I looked at each other and said, ‘Well, not quite.’”

As noted above, the song is recorded in the key of G and composed of 5 chords. If you play along with the recording there are a few places where they drop or add a beat which is less regimented and more unconventional than your newly released songs that we see today.




0:00 Intro

2:09 Chord Walkthrough

2:47 One-Finger Version

4:33 Verse - Multi-Finger Version

6:18 Second Verse - Multi-Finger Version

7:44 Complete Chord Guide Download

8:05 Bridge - Multi-Finger Version

9:25 Outro


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