Interview w/ Stringjoy, Scott Marquart - EVERYTHING About GDG Tuning (Seagull Merlin)

I was lucky enough to have Scott Marquart from Stringjoy join me for a *very* in-depth discussion of strings.

There are a few common questions that get asked about Seagull Merlin so I thought what better way to answer them all be the string professionals and our partners based out of Nashville.

Some questions we answer for you.

1. Why can't I just retune my D Merlin to play in G?

2. Why do I have to change the strings on my Merlin (or any instrument) to play in G?

3. What's a bridge? How's that different from a saddle?

4. Why do I need a new Merlin bridge to play in G (in tune)?

5. What’s string tension and why does it matter?


 Hooked? Want to know more?

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