Learn "The Middle" By Jimmy Eat World on Merlin M4 | Stick Dulcimer

Learn one of the best pop rock songs on the Seagull Merlin M4 Stick Dulcimer. 


One of the best pop rock songs, by one of the best pop rock bands, even if they wouldn't want to play it on a dulcimer or classify it that way for themselves. All right, let's take a stab at walking through this real quick. This injured part is all downstrokes. We haven't talked as much about this. I'm just doing that with my pic right now. So down strokes, starts on the second fret first set of strings here on the Seagull Merlin. So I’m switching from the first first fret first string, and my middle finger on the second fret of the middle string. Then I'm going (Music). You could also do (Music). I don't know, it's up to you really. And you're in this song. The chorus portion of this one is really tricky, better be careful. Open, which is d, is the rock song so it's all just kind of open. You can bar with one finger, I often use this one because it puts these fingers back in position over here. So D, then A, then G. Even though this song could be played with the majors in it, so you could play it (music), it's not required. When they play it they don't play it this way they played it with just the power chords mostly so (Music). And then the chorus is the same. I've not bothered to sit down trying to work out the guitar solo, but since it covers more octaves than this instrument has, it's probably not gonna work. However, I did notice that you can go up at the very top fret and then just work your way all the way down, as fast as you can pick it and that's the end of the solo.

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