Learn These 2000s Pop/Rock Hits on Your Seagull Merlin

Ah, the new millennium. Thankfully Y2K did not bring the complete fallout of technology like we might’ve prepared ourselves for, and although we didn’t get flying cars or robots or time travel like science fiction taught us, the early 2000s did give us some great music at least. It’s a bit mind-boggling to think some of these songs are now over twenty years old, but I supposed acceptance is the first step. So thanks to an upgrade from Dial-Up to Wi-Fi, here’s a list of some great pop/rock hits of the 2000s that you can learn and even play along with on Seagull Merlin thanks to that 2005 invention of Youtube. 

Yellow - Coldplay

Coldplay has been giving us pop-rock hits for over twenty years now, and even though they have recently put out a new album and collaborated with more current pop artists like K-Pop sensation BTS, let’s go back to the song that started it all: the breakout hit from 1999, “Yellow.”

Chris Martin wrote this song in his young twenties and now readily admits the lyrics to this song basically mean nothing. Doesn’t keep it from being a beautiful pop/rock love song. You can learn the 1-Finger "Yellow" by Coldplay Lesson then play along with two different versions: “Yellow” Playalong with Cello or “Yellow” Playalong with 2 Stick Dulcimers. Download the free "Yellow" Dulcimer TAB Guitar Chord Guide to use while you play. 

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Next up is a major crossover hit from a little alternative rock band called Jimmy Eat World. “The Middle” from the album Bleed American, launched the group to mainstream notoriety in 2001.

You can't get much easier than this one–well that is, other than the intro. If you're new to the stick dulcimer, I'd recommend skipping to the verse and chorus chords first, then going back and working out the picking and fingering pattern for the intro riff. Remember, just try your best. And do everything you can. Cause it just takes some time… well, you know the rest. 

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

This song is from the Brit-pop/indie rock band Snow Patrol. What felt at first like a whimsically romantic indie-pop song, their 2006 hit “Chasing Cars” for a time was heard everywhere ​​ad nauseam. 

If you don't mind reclaiming this once Starbucks coffee shop song, you should learn Snow Patrol "Chasing Cars" on Dulcimer Guitar / Pickin Stick because it really is a great tune to learn basic chords (even 1-Finger), then progress up to the picking part. From there, experiment with different chord "flavors" and arrangements for verses and choruses. Check out this cover of "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol on a Pickin' Stick Dulcimer Guitar for some inspiration. 

Kids - MGMT 

Last up is the 2007 Grammy-nominated super bop “Kids” from the alt electronic pop band MGMT. This song just has a vibe to it that’s hard to articulate, but it feels as if it could be used in any indie movie or tv show (and it actually has been used in quite a few). 

This cover video features Sean Knisely who had only been playing a stick dulcimer for only about 30 minutes when this was recorded. Granted, he already knew the cover song well, so there wasn't that learning curve, but the uptake on a stick dulcimer was wicked fast. Let that be encouraging to any of you new players out there! 

So that’s enough early 2000s nostalgia for now. If you want some pre-Y2K tunes to learn on Seagull Merlin, check out these 90s rock songs or check out these more current pop songs as well. Happy playing!

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